Volunteer Internship


In 2020 we opened our doors (see 2020 Summer Volunteer Internship) to support people who were unable to find an internship, now in 2022, we realize this problem hasn't gone away - in short, technical internships are hard to find.

Compounding that, without technical experience to add to your portfolio, it's much more difficult to find a job.

Hope is here! There's one more problem that hasn't relented: technical challenges for nonprofits. That's where we come in to bridge this gap.

Like with the 2020 Volunteer Internship, we'll present you with some problem statements and software requirements, then work with you to write code to solve that problem. This may involve editing existing code (which is a huge portfolio booster), writing NodeJS/Java/Python and all flavors of full-stack in between. See our Projects page to get an idea of the areas that we're focused on. The number of people who apply will help us determine how many projects we'll have.


If you'd like to join us as a mentor, and volunteer your time to help answer questions, please read this page to get an idea of how mentors help us and click this link to join us on Slack.

The plan

2022 Summer Volunteer Internship Plan

Learn (Week 1: Due June 17th)

For the first week, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page with their knowledge. The best way we have found to do this is via Udemy or similar systems.

For this summer internship project, we will reimburse the cost of taking this course Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) . Within a Slack DM, send Greg your PayPal or Venmo account and your receipt.

Required Sections to Complete:

  • Section 1: Intro

  • Section 2: Key Concepts

  • Section 3: Basics

  • Section 4: Setup

  • Section 5: Routing

  • Section 6: Authentication (but our project will be using Auth0)

  • Section 10: Firebase Database Storage

  • Section 11: Styling

  • Section 31: Testing

All other sections are totally recommended, but are optional. If you learn these sections, you should have more than enough knowledge to tackle the project for this summer.

Project Intro + Design: Completed by June 24th

You will all be designing a portion of the program


You should familiarize and even try to duplicate some of what these websites discuss

  1. Systems Design Interview Book (please Slack Greg your receipt of ~$40 to get reimbursed for this purchase)

    1. Chapter 1: Scale from Zero to Millions

    2. Chapter 3: A Framework for System Design Interviews (think of what we're building as an interview)

    3. Chapter 10: Design a News Feed System - this one is the most similar to what we're going to be building

  2. Building and architecture for a Todo App with Firebase (we'll use the architecture here as a good primer going forward)

  3. NoSQL (FireStore) with Python

  4. A guide to using Google Font Symbols

We have portions of the system to design, namly:

  1. The frontend

    1. Review how to design a website wireframe using Miro

    2. Continue building the wireframes

    3. Review the mobile design

  2. The backend

    1. Review Systems Design Interview Book

    2. API design

    3. Service design

    4. Review the data structure

  3. The data structure

    1. Review Systems Design Interview Book

    2. Tables

      1. User

        1. Hacker

        2. Mentor

        3. Judge

      2. Nonprofit

      3. Problem Statement

      4. Hackathon

      5. Badges

    3. Review the backend design

  4. Mobile app (and how it will use the backend)

    1. Read how Miro recommends this

    2. Build wireframes

    3. Review the frontend design

Code: Completed by July 29th

You will be writing code for a full-stack app using React, Python, GitHub, FireStore, and Heroku.

ML/Data Science Project: Starts July 15th, ends July 29th

Most of the people in the program asked to have some experience in ML and data science, so we'll add this as an optional component.

Documentation: Starts July 29th, Ends August 5th

Clean up our code comments, README, and all documentation for future hackers!

Closing Ceremony: August 12th

We'll meet up to congratulate everyone and retrospect on the project.