Opportunity Hack Sponsorship

You need us

By contributing to Opportunity Hack, you gain access to purpose-driven individuals and vision into charity organizations that you can create durable relationships with.  Instead of writing a check to a non-profit, we prefer to create durable and long-lasting solutions that go beyond a check.


If you are looking to staff your organization, Opportunity Hack can supplement your recruiting efforts by replacing a traditional career fair environment with a skills-based observation platform.  By providing senior mentors and recruitment leadership, you can directly work to help build solutions for other non-profits, while at the same time, truly understand the personality, skills, intellect, and communication of each person working to build a better society.


When you associate your brand with Opportunity Hack, you are professing your dedication to develop solutions for the common good.  Charities don't receive technical support and lack the expertise to be more effective at what they do.  If you help Opportunity Hack, the general public will associate your good deeds with changing society for the better.  We add your logo to our opening presentation, website, and hackathon event page, social media, and give you associated credit for areas that you sponsor.

We need you

As a non-profit, we rely on donations and sponsorship to reward both non-profits, volunteers, and mentors in order to make Opportunity Hack meaningful.

Sponsorship of Opportunity Hack can vary widely depending on the level of commitment from you and your company. 


Team sizes range from 3 to 5 people.  By sponsoring either a cash or cash-equivalent prize, you are motivating teams to create the best solutions possible.  We typically fund a smaller portion (~20%) of the prize after the winner is selected, and withhold the remainder of the prize (~80%) until the team has enough time to fully develop and productionalize their solution (usually 3 months after the hackathon).

We do not accept donations for prize money, but we ask each sponsor to directly fund their associated prize winners directly.


For in-person events, we are known for our delicious food and variety of drinks we make available for everyone in attendance. 


We're widely known for having the most comfortable shirts at any event.  We need your help to continue to supply our volunteers and mentors with our branded and unbranded gifts in order to continue to encourage participation.


We ask that you ask your teams within your organization to be mentors.  This includes:


We ask that all sponsors provide a judge to directly represent their company.  Judges will help to score, using a rubric, Opportunity Hack projects in order to determine the winning teams and associated prizes.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, let us know by filling out the form below