Who are we?

Originally founded when we were part of eBay/PayPal Inc. in 2013 - Opportunity Hack was formed when we saw that nonprofits need more tech in their lives.


Head of Product, Customer Experiences @ PayPal

Senior Director, Site Reliability Engineering @ PayPal

Engineering Director @ Google

Principal MTS, Architect @ PayPal

Board Members

Opportunity Hack Co-Founder

Head of Product, Customer Experiences @ PayPal

Opportunity Hack Co-Founder & Treasurer

Senior Director, Site Reliability Engineering @ PayPal

Opportunity Hack Secretary

Product Manager @ PayPal

Hero / Nurse

Opportunity Hack President

Engineering Manager @ Meta

Our Community Pledge

As members of Opportunity Hack, we pledge to:

Harness the Power of Code

We promise to use our coding skills to create solutions that address pressing social issues and foster an inclusive society.

Pursue Impact

We pledge to focus our efforts on projects with the highest potential for positive, sustainable change.

Uphold Effective Altruism

We promise to strategically use our resources, continually learn and adapt, and strive for maximum social impact.

Champion Collaboration

We commit to working together, valuing diverse perspectives, and building on each other's strengths for greater impact.

Advocate for Inclusivity

We commit to promoting access to technology for all, regardless of socio-economic background, location, age, race, or gender.

Nurture a Supportive Community

We pledge to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to learn, grow, and contribute.

Together, we are Opportunity Hack. Together, we code for social good, for change.