This page describes our three main programs:

  1. Hackathons

  2. Senior Capstone Projects

  3. Summer Volunteer Internships

We'll talk more below about our goals for each and provide you with more detail in how we think about them,



  1. Educate software engineering concepts from industry

  2. Create durable bond between volunteers and nonprofits

  3. Provide nonprofits with innovative solutions to their challenges

  4. Select winning ideas that have a potential to create the most impact

  5. Incentivize completion of projects within 3 months of the hackathon


  1. Identify nonprofits via email, social media, collect projects via Google Form application

  2. Select 5-10 nonprofits based on their need and ability for software solutions to be created

  3. Pre-2019: Weekend hackathon that starts at 8am Saturday and completes by 6pm Sunday, usually in October

  4. 2020-2021: Week-long hackathon

Senior Capstone Projects


  1. Expose Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, Computer Engineering students to nonprofit work before they obtain their undergraduate degree

  2. Instill a concept of innovation for social good

  3. Educate on software engineering industry best practices that are not taught in school

  4. Connect top talent students with recruiters to ensure they have a job post-graduation

  5. Provide a connection between engineers in industry with students graduating college - allow for industry engineers to coach students both technically and non-technically for their own career growth

Summer Volunteer Internships


  1. Allow anyone who was unable to find a summer internship the ability to still apply themselves to learn about software engineering principles

  2. Create a portfolio via demo videos, and certificate of achievement that will allow for marketing to industry upon graduation

  3. Provide open-ended problems to emulate the experience of a software engineering internship within industry