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Opportunity Hack is a 48-hour hackathon that brings together software developers, designers, and product managers to solve technical problems for public charities, non-profit organizations (NPOs), and non-government organizations (NGOs).  

Hackathon October 7th and 8th: @ASU for students and online/global.

Slack is a great tool for communicating with your team and the rest of the Opportunity Hack community. We use Slack to share important information, answer questions, and provide support. We also use Slack to have meetings and share other important information.

We empower volunteers to make a difference by creating technical solutions for nonprofit organizations while fostering lasting connections within their communities.

We are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to bring together skilled volunteers and passionate nonprofit organizations to create simple yet effective technological solutions. 

Through their dedicated work, our volunteers gain invaluable experience while making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we build more than just software – we forge powerful bonds that transcend the project and enrich our communities for years to come. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for all.

Serving the community through innovation and you.

Help local nonprofits by volunteering your technology and business expertise at Opportunity Hack. Create impact and compete for prizes.

Passionate about creating impactful solutions? Good! You're in! 😎

If you’re passionate about leveraging your technology and business skills to help improve your local community, join Opportunity Hack. This energizing hackathon is open to the public and its goal is to connect local nonprofits with skilled computer engineers and business-savvy volunteers to help solve some of their most pressing tech problems. Volunteers compete for prizes and are awarded with seeing their solutions put into action by the nonprofits.

Opportunity Hack 2024 | hack.ohack.dev

📅 October 12th & 13th
🌎 Tempe, AZ @ ASU

Hackers (people who are building things for nonprofits)

Mentors & Judges

Past Events

2023 Global Virtual Fall Hackathon

October 7th and 8th

For 2023 we kept a hybrid in-person and virtual hackathon hosted from ASU Tempe in Arizona.

We asked hackers to write code for several different nonprofits: Susie Q's Kids, Legends Animated, Preservation Partners of the Fox Valley, Blue Start Mothers of Maricopa AZ 7, SafeSpace, Warrior Wives, and Latin American Association.

2022 Global Virtual Fall Hackathon

December 10th and 11th

For 2022 we're planning to have a hybrid in-person and virtual hackathon hosted from ASU Tempe in Arizona.

We're asking hackers to only help a single nonprofit this year, us, so that we can great scale to meet the needs of nonprofits around the world. 

Hackers will leverage pre-existing open-source code on ohack.dev (React, NextJS, Python, Heroku) to build based on some key themes we have identified.

2021 Global Virtual Fall Hackathon

October 18th to 25th 2021

We wanted to continue holding an online and global hackathon while we continue to emerge from the pandemic.  Last year, all winning teams were distributed over the globe and allowed everyone to work together across geographies to solve problems for nonprofits.

Like last year, we plan to hold this over an entire week with Monday as a kickoff, and the following Monday for judging, awards, and celebration.

2020 Hackathon Emerging from the pandemic

2020 was a different year for everyone.  Instead of holding Opportunity Hack at various locations around the global, it made more sense for us to team up for a global and online hackathon.  This was our first week-long and online-only hackathon to benefit nonprofits as we looking forward to 2021 and emerge from the pandemic.

All smiles at Opportunity Hack 2019

Summer Volunteer Internship 2020

Given that many companies have cancelled their internships, we wanted to help by offering some experience from our set of nonprofit problems that we source through Opportunity Hack. This is an entirely online experience, you only need some passion, a computer, and an internet connection.

Student hackers smile for a photo taking a break from giving back to their community through software engineering


Team formation is when hackers meet with nonprofits to determine how they can best help them

Calling all Nonprofit Organizations

Opportunity Hack strives to match highly-skilled volunteers (i.e. top-notch engineers and other professionals from PayPal, other local companies, and colleges) with nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that need technological solutions for critical challenges. The goals for Opportunity Hack are to solve existing problems for NPOs and to foster a connection with technologists that can extend beyond a single weekend.

Apply online at ohack.dev

Awards from 2019 Opportunity Hack

Gold Tier Sponsors

Over $15,000 in support and over 200 hours of volunteering/mentoring

A winning team from Opportunity Hack

Silver Tier Sponsors

Over $5,000 in support or over 100 hours of volunteering/mentoring

Our co-founder of Opportunity Hack

Bronze Tier Sponsors

A brand new day of hacking from Galvanize Phoenix - one of the Opportunity Hack locations

Previous Hackathons

Since 2013, Opportunity Hack has been impacting nonprofit organizations globally.

🎗 Nonprofit Opportunities

Opportunity Hack allows local nonprofits to leverage the talent and expertise of computer engineers and business-savvy volunteers from some of the most well known universities & tech companies. If your organization operates in one of this year’s host cities and has a technology project that could greatly benefit from outside expertise, contact us today.

🤝 Partnership Opportunities

Opportunity Hack is an inspiring event that puts engineering and business skills to use for local nonprofit organizations during the hackathon. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other companies in host cities to broaden the impact of this event for local nonprofits and our hackers. We would love to partner with you!

Want to host Opportunity Hack at your location or have a question?

We've scaled our hackathon to support other locations in Chicago, Atlanta, and Las Vegas for Money 2020.  In order to continue to grow our support for local nonprofits, we rely on people in their region who have a passion to use technology to help their local nonprofits.  If you'd like to bring Opportunity Hack to your area, please contact us!