This page lists more specific details on the solutions developed for Opportunity Hack in Arizona.

Tons more detail is available on GitHub, including capstone projects, and a list of all non-profits we've worked with.


October 19th and 20th

Galvanize, Phoenix

Keynote: Troy Pottgen, Founder & Creative Director, Narwhal Stories

Sponsors: Galvanize, PayPal, Motion Recruitment, TechTalent South, GoDaddy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Keap

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1st Place

$1,000 upfront & $5,000 upon completion

Trevor Moore, Carter Rice, Jordan Riley

A challenge that Zuri's Circle faced was gathering and managing emails at volunteer or regular events - their process involved participants writing down their contact information by hand. This introduced problems with deciphering the contact info and proved to be ineffective. As a result, they were looking for a way to easily track and manage participant involvement in order to keep in contact with and retain their donors, recipients, and volunteers.

2nd Place

$800 upfront & $3,000 upon completion

Jacob Omaits, Ty Garside, Matt Walker

Chandler CARE Center quite literally had a data problem. In 2018, they served 4,000 families (15,000 individuals), but relied on outdated database structures and entry. Entirely too much time was spent on data entry and report generation. We built a unified solution that relies on a single PostgresSQL database as the source of truth for all services, members and reporting. Utilizing a lightweight, cloud-based REST API, we're able to quickly and efficiently add new members, modify existing members and generate customized reports.

3rd Place

Phoenix Suns Ultimate Fan Experience upfront and $1,600 upon completion

Rushabh Shah, Taylor Rosby, Charinee Chantarasak, Allyson Meyer, Jamie Reichenberger

We were inspired by RealTimeSteam's (RTS) mission to educate adults with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, by bridging the gap between pop culture and STEM. RTS is currently spending loads of time manually researching for pop culture events and related STEM research in order to find content for educational presents at large conferences, such as Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comic Con). After researching existing solutions and brainstorming together, we found there is a missing hole in research tools to find the intersection between STEM and trending pop culture. It has taken RTS 3 months to crawl through all the data manually! We can increase efficiency, accuracy, precision, and time management for research for all non-profits, educational platforms, and specialized research.

Tech Talent South & Phoenix Suns Prize

Phoenix Suns Premium Fan Experience upfront & $6,750 value in Tech Talent South courses upon completion

Ishan Kumar Sarangi, Kalyan, Utkarsh Agarwal, Kirti Jha, Sabyasachi Mohanty

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was built keeping in mind the most required features for the NPO like managing volunteers, sending out mails about registration. Information about every event added to all volunteers and accepting confirmation. The payment application on iOs bring convenience to the finger tips of the donors. The NPO wanted receipt generation for donors to help them with their tax filings.

Keap Prize

$1,000 upon completion

Gokulan Vikash Babu, Zachary Alvarez, Srihari Ravi, Nithish Moudhgalya, Raghavendhar Thiruvoipadi Vidyasagar

Katie with her fellow mates work at a community service named the Chandler care center, where they provide community services for needy people for little or no cost. They provide various services that include medical, shelter, food and so on. The saddest thing is that they do not have an application or a software that would help them do their daily work. All they have had so far is an Access database in which they work directly on. They enroll newcomers or record their visits manually in the database. Also, the user has to fill a pen and paper based form every time he/she visits chandler care center. Then, the staff uses the form to key in the details to the DB. Also, the Access DB has a single point of entry and only one person can log in and enter the data in the DB at one time. So, no matter how many staff they have, only one person's info can be fed into the system at a time. We wanted to build an application that can help them reduce their workload and their frustration that might arise due to this tedious and long process.


October 20th and 21st

Galvanize, Phoenix

Keynote: Maria Luna, CoFounder and CEO, BRAVO Tip or Pay

Sponsors: Galvanize, PayPal, GoDaddy, InfusionSoft, REPAY, Splunk

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1st Place

2nd Place

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