Summer 2020 Volunteer Internship

With COVID-19 cancelling many internships, we wanted to find a way for self-motivated students to still obtain experience while also helping their communities. This LinkedIn post and associated form (below) attracted over 100 interested people. From this, we have about 80 active people in Slack and 6 teams.

With this in mind, we wrote the following in GitHub to document the common problems facing non-profit organizations.

Students will self-organize around problem statements and will need to be self-motivated and collaborative to accomplish their projects. By doing this, we are confident that we can write letters of reference that will explain each person's contribution.


We plan to stop the summer internship on August 7th 2020, until then, feel free to sign up! We add new people to Slack about twice per week.

Fill out this Google Form 👉 here

Teams and participants

Teams officially form by documenting their team as a GitHub issue ticket here. What you see below is a detailed list of each team, what they are working on, and the project status.

May 18th: Introduction - Angel

June 5th: First Demonstration - Clayton

June 19th: Second Demonstration - Clayton

June 22nd: Demo - Angel

July 4th: Heroku and simple website demo - Clayton

July 18th: Live data fetching now active - Clayton

July 21st: Partner term frequency of a PDF using R - Angel

Team 2 BuRN

Problem 8. Notification system

Started: May 11th | Cancelled on June 16th

Team 3 Inventory Team 1

Problem 7. Inventory management system

Started: May 22nd | Slack: #2020-vol-intern-inventory-team-1

June 5th: Demo 1.2 - Juan

June 5th: Demo 1.3 - Juan

June 26th: Demo 2.1 - Juan

June 26th: Front-end demo - Evan

July 3rd: Scheduling chatbot - Kito

July 4th: Updated chatbot based on schedule availability - Kito

July 9th: Scheduling API and corresponding SMS message confirmation - Gayathri

June 23rd: First demo - Brian

July 14th: Lots of added functionality - Brian

Team 6 Hoist the colors

Team 8 PAK Risk Score

Started: July 16th | Slack: #pak_risk_score

July 26th: Front-end - Animesh

July 26th: ML model- Karishma

July 31st: Upload demo - Marco